A Few Bugs

  • Hello so I noticed some issues.

    1. Can't select map in private match. Tried reinstalling client and MW3 DS from Steam but nothing.
    2. Can't change map from console using /map MAP NAME the screen blinks 1 time but nothing happens.
    3. Set unlimited time in a private match lobby but after x amount of time in game the game will say "time is almost up" and start counting down then the game ends.
    4. Server list says 0 out of 0 players but this could be because the client is new not sure.

    Hope to see those fixed but in the mean time I will keep my eye out for anymore bugs also thanks for the great client.

  • Project Admin

    Please wait for the next update and see if these continue.

  • Project Moderator

    1 and 3 work fine.
    2 usually crashes the stable client (works fine on the beta release so the next update should fix that as well)
    4 correct and thats not a bug.

  • @mr-incredible Ok I will when will the next update be out?

  • Project Admin

    We're not too sure yet - estimating a couple of weeks. We'll be able to give a better timeline soon.