[IW5] [T6] jump_slowdownEnable / "Bunnyhop"

  • Feature: Possibility to use the jump_slowdownEnable
    Description: Possibility to use the jump_slowdownEnable, to be able to do "Bhop" as in CoD (v1.1)
    Motivation: Something fun, requires skill to do and requires skill to get killed if you go at a lot of speed :P but it is something that the server can decide to use or not...And reminds a lot to Quake and CoD (v1.1)

  • Project Moderator

    How about replacing it with an multiplicator with 0 being turned off, 1 being normal, 0.5 being 50% and 2 being 200% and so on? Thats shouldn't be more work than repairing the broken dvar and would grant us better tweakability.

  • Project Moderator

    Actually a really nice idea, would love seeing this ingame since it would increase movement possibilities a lot!

  • Pretty cool idea, would love to see it in Plutonium :)