False Ban??

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  • I was banned today after spending 2 and a half hours trying to fix all of the errors I was dealing with and brought the issue to the discord where I was disregarded, accused of cheating, injecting hacks and cheats, and I don't even know anything about any of that and I cannot stand people who cheat in online games, especially an old gem like MW3. Is there any way I could get my ban lifted?

  • I don't know what you did, but if you are banned there must be a reason.
    (If you think you really haven't done anything, try contacting an administrator)

    "Custom Anticheat - Made by us in an attempt to keep cheating to a minimum - it's not perfect but should catch most cheaters. It uses multiple detection methods to spot cheaters, much like every other anticheat, we cannot discuss details about it as this makes it easier to bypass. Do not attempt to bypass this, or test it, or mess with it in any way, we will not reverse a ban due to stupidity. Your account is your responsibility, your brother using your account and getting banned is NOT an excuse. Once a ban is in place, it will take effect when the hacker joins a new server, as such you may still see hackers but when they get kicked they will be banned."

  • @yunagz honestly i dont know anything about this stuff man, i wanna say i wanna learn how to not have this happen again but that will make it sound like i wanna learn how to get away with cheating and i really dont know what to do; i dont give two shits about cheating i just want to play this game and ive been really looking forward to it since it was announced

  • @RogerLucas same i miss the nostalgia from this game, i just wanna be able to play like the good old days, how can i prevent a ban like this from happening again?

  • @RogerLucas Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do for you.
    The only solution is to wait for an administrator's response.

  • False bans have been lifted. If you remain banned then you were caught.

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