Changes to Plutonium Forum 30/03/2018

  • Project Admin

    I've made some updates to our forum, please read below to be up to date with them.

    1. Disabled Knowledge Base link on top nav bar.
    2. Disabled download link in top nav bar.
    3. Change Discord invite from an icon to text in top nav bar.
    4. Announcements renamed to Important Information.
    5. T6 Client Support and Server Support merged together into T6 Support.
    6. Tags added to T6 Support Forum (Server, Client and MISC.)
    7. IW5 Client Support and Sever Support merged into IW5 Support.
    8. Tags added to IW5 Support Forum (Server, Client and MISC.)
    9. Plutonium Modding forum disabled until better mod support is available.
    10. Feature Suggestions sub forums disabled, tags added to main Feature Suggestions forum (Implemented, Work In Progress, Rejected, T6, IW5)
    11. Bug reports merged into one forum area for IW5 and T6, tags added (IW5, T6, Fixed, Known, Invalid) - Fixed, Known and Invalid tags are added by Developers and Fixed and Invalid tagged threads will be locked.
    12. VIP Area Removed - Unused.
    13. Forum description updated.
    14. Hidden userlist from non logged in users.
    15. Minimum username length increased from 3 to 4 to avoid "UNKNOWN SOLDIER" Bug in T6. Fixed in Plutonium T6, reversed change back to 3.
    16. Forum Terms of Service created which display rules for the Forum, Discord and Client.
    17. You will now be emailed when you get a chat message on the forum.
    18. Welcome Notification Updated to link to Important Info section.
    19. Download Plutonium IW5 forum link added under Plutonium IW5.