Plutonium T6 Frequently Asked Questions

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    Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Plutonium T6.

    Q: Do I need Call of Duty: Black Ops II from Steam to play?
    A: No, however, only valid copies of the game are supported. In other word, Plutonium staff will not assist you if your game is not obtained from Steam. Members of the Plutonium community may help you at their will.

    Q: Can you show me how to obtain the original game without purchasing it from Steam?
    A: No, Plutonium does not support piracy. To use our game mod, you must purchase the game from Steam, and support the original developers of the game. To prevent the spread of privacy, Plutonium staff will work to prune any messages containing links to illegal content.

    Q: How do I install Plutonium T6 Mod?
    A: You can follow THIS video to learn how to install Plutonium T6.

    Q: Can I install Plutonium over other mods? Such as Redacted?
    A: Yes, the Plutonium mod stores all of its custom assets in one folder to ensure that the original game files are not

    Q: When loading Plutonium T6 I get an authentication error, what do I do?
    A: This issue usually arises because incorrect credentials were provided. Make sure that you have a verified forum account on the official Plutonium website, and that your username and password are correctly entered. To verify your account, you must follow the activation link sent to your email.

    Q: Is there a console for Plutonium T6?
    A: Yes, press the tilde key (~) while in game to open the console. The tilde key is the key above 'tab' and to the left of '1' and below 'Esc' n most QWERTY keyboards.

    Q: I went opened the original game menu to edit my classes and/or change some options. How do I reload the Plutonium menu?
    A: Open the in-game console, type XUI, and press enter to reload the Plutonium menu. In the future, a hotkey will be able to display the menu.

    Q: Does Theater Mode work?
    A: Theater mode is currently not supported on Plutonium T6.

    Q: Can I host a dedicated server using Plutonium T6?
    A: Plutonium T6 supports password-protected dedicated servers that can be hosted by anyone.

    Q: Can we host custom games with bots?
    A: We prefer that users host dedicated servers, however, custom games are still supported. After setting up a game via the custom games submenu, open the console (~), type xpartygo, and press enter to start the custom game.

    Q: Does Plutonium T6 support zombies?
    A: Yes, we are excited to support hosting zombies on dedicated servers! All maps (including DLC) are supported.

    Q: Can we host custom games for zombies?
    A: This feature is currently not supported. We recommend using a dedicated server to play zombies.

    Q: How do I join a password-protected zombie server?
    A: Before opening the server browser, open the in-game console and type 'password passwordofserver' without the quotes, and press enter. Then, open the server browser and connect to the password-protected zombie server.

    Q: Does Plutonium support modding?
    A: Limited modding is available at the first release - servers can run B3. Once we fix any relevant bugs in the initial release, modification support will be pursued.

    Q: Will Zombies’ mods be supported?
    A: Yes, however, tutorials and features will come after first release.

    Q: Will Plutonium have an Anti-Cheat system?
    A: Yes, anti-cheat is a prioritized feature that will be supported. The system may be limited during the first release, depending on any bugs.

    Q: How many people can play in a single zombie server?
    A: The maximum number of people that can play on a zombies server is 8. Please be aware that there is a bug that freezes the points shown on your HUD when there are more than 4 players. Therefore, you must check the scoreboard to see your points when there are more than 4 players. This will be addressed in a later update.

    Q: What mods are currently playable for Zombies?
    A: GunGame and SharpShooter - GG changes your gun after every round an SS randomly changes your gun every 30 seconds.

    Q: Will you allow custom content, such as weapons or maps?
    A: Yes, we plan to port over maps for zombies and multiplayer from other games. This will not be in the first release.

    Q: Can I Unlock All in Plutonium T6?
    A: Yes, open the in-game console and type unlockall. Please note you may have to play a full match to save your statistics.

    Q: Where can I get support for Plutonium T6?
    A: or on our Discord server in the #T6_Support channel.

    Q; My antivirus detects Plutonium or some of its files as a virus, what should I do?
    A: We have no way to prove this (without going open source), however, we ensure you it’s a false positive. If you trust us and our community of players, then you should add the Plutonium folder and the T6 Base Game as an exclusion to your antivirus.

    Q: How can I help Plutonium?
    A: Tell your friends about us, get them to play! Check our Plutonium IW5 and play there if you like. Hang out on our discord, help the community in the support channels or donate to become a VIP here:

  • im wondering if the dsr is the pre-patched version?

  • Project Admin

    No, it's post patch - we aim to let server owners change weapon stats at some point soon.

  • @krvy i support pre-patch dsr

  • @figured dsr was way too op before, please do not allow pre patch dsr it was broken as shit, unless u nerf dmg a lot I disagree

  • Pre-patch DSR please

  • @speedyboi people are already saying they wont be playing the client unless its pre-patch, so if devs want more players + especially exposure id imagine they'll listen and consider the feedback from the cod sniping community.

  • Project Moderator


    @figured Bad luck for them

  • This post is deleted!

    Why do I keep getting this Error We haven't even set it for MP? I have the exact same settings as my mate and his works for some reason. (also I've reinstalled the t6r folder a few times and it still fails)

  • @barrythebogan nvm i figured it out

  • This post is deleted!

  • Are you guys planning to make a launcher for Black Ops 3?

  • Project Moderator

    @wookie_dancer Most likely not 🤔

  • how can i créate my own server ?

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