Server setup

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    A PC to host the server.
    An Internet connection.
    T6 on said server. (You don't need the video & sound folders, the .ipak files nor the SP level files)

    1. Downloading and installing Plutonium:

    • Download the CLI installer for Plutonium here.
    • Put the installer into your T6 folder.
    • Run the installer.

    2. Basic configuration and the first start

    • Download the dedicated server cfg (MP/ZM) and save it to ./t6r/data/
    • Open the cfg in Notepad++.
    • Edit the file to your likings.
    • Create a new file in Notepad++ and paste the following into it:
      start /abovenormal t6rmp.exe -dedicated +net_port <PORT> +sv_config <CFG> (or t6rzm.exe for ZM)
      • Replace <PORT> with the port you want to use. The default value is 4976 and you can remove +net_port <PORT> if you want to use it. (You will have to forward this port if you are behind a DNAT!)
      • Replace <CFG> with the name of your CFG file. The default value is dedicated.cfg for MP and dedicated_zm.cfg for ZM, once again you can leave this out if you want to use the default value. (Your file can't have a space in it's name!)
      • t6rmp.exe -dedicated is valid if you want to use the default port and cfg name.
    • Save the file as start.bat in the folder where your T6 executables are. (Make sure you have selected 'all types' as file type!)
    • Double click the file you just created.
    • Wait for the server to finish loading.

    3. (Optional) Advanced configuration

    Every instruction in this section needs additional config files please grab them from here.

    3.1 Custom settings (MP only)
    • Open the CFG of the game mode you want to edit (eg tdm.cfg) in the ./t6r/data/gamesettings folder.
    • Uncomment and edit the values of the settings you want to change.
    • Save the file.
    • Put exec <game type here>.cfg in front of the first map token in the map rotation.
      For example sv_maprotation "exec tdm.cfg map mp_la map mp_dockside map mp_carrier"
    3.2 Enabling the hard core mode (MP only)
    • Either copy or open the game mode specific .cfg file for the game mode you wish to play with hard core settings.
    • Open tdm.cfg and copy the hard core settings of it to the file from the first step.
    • Save the file.
    • Put exec <cfg from step 1>.cfg in front of the first map token in the map rotation.
      For example sv_maprotation "exec hctdm.cfg map mp_la map mp_dockside map mp_carrier"
    3.3 Mixed game modes with correct / custom settings (MP only)
    • Open the server cfg file with Notepad++
    • Put a exec <game type here>.cfg (eg. exec dom.cfg) in front of a map token.
      For example sv_maprotation "exec dom.cfg map mp_la map mp_dockside exec sas.cfg map mp_carrier"
      • You can have one exec token in front of multiple map tokens to apply your settings for each following map.
      • You can have a different exec token in front of every single map token to have different settings for each map.
    3.4 Adding B3 (Big Brother Bot) to your server
    • Follow this tutorial to install B3 but don't run it yet.
      • I recommend the source code install with the latest stable release (win32 does not work!).
      • When you use the online configurator select MW2.
    • Download this zip and extract it into the parsers folder of B3.
    • Change the parser in your config to pluto_t6.
    • Fire up the bot, and QUICKLY join the server to run !iamgod
      • A PW protection for the time between you add the bot and you run the command is recommended but not necessary!

    4. (Optional) Hosting a second server from the same directory.

    • Make a copy of the start.bat file and the cfg file and rename them.
    • Edit the copy of the bat file to have a different port and to use your second cfg.
      (You must forward the second port as well if you are behind a DNAT!)
    • Edit the .cfg file.
    • Start the server through the new .bat file.

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    Looks good mate :)

  • Very nice xerxes :P

  • How to download server file

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    @tg-king When it releases the files will be made available

  • @h3x1c Thnx man

  • Nice Work ... : )

  • I've done all as followed and my server doesn't show up

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    @prg said in Server setup:

    I've done all as followed and my server doesn't show up

    Have you forwarded ports?

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    @prg Hosting locally or in a data center?

  • @prg said in Server setup:

    I've done all as followed and my server doesn't show up

    same, portforwarded correctly and hosting locally but doesnt show up. (on zm btw)

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    @leaf Your server won't show up for you unless your router supports NAT-Loopback.

  • Video tutorial ? If there is one made already?

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    Sorry, please don't host a server when you can't follow a simple text guide.

  • @xerxes Lol im just trying to play with 1 friend not host ppl

  • @fenom no need to be rude

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    Then just join a server.

  • @xerxes i have but ppl join and last game i was in someone was griefing just messing the whole time

  • Hello I have a request can you upload a working B3 for T6 not as prosperous with parsers please I beg you and the rest I can customize because I only worked with manu admin mod sorry for my bad English with a translator.

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