How to use a Mod Menu without Injecting (Loading GSC Scripts Client Sided)

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    In this example we will be using a very popular Zombies Mod Menu called Project Iconic [SENTINEL].

    1. Go to your T6 Storage Directory (Press Win+R and paste %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\t6, and create the following folders scripts/mp, and scripts/zm

    alt text

    Note: If the mod menu is not compiled, you will need to do so. Simply download the GSC toolkit, and drag your uncompiled GSC file onto the compiler.
    Tutorial Here

    2. Now that we have our path created we will need a mod menu/GSC Script.
    I've linked one which is Project Iconic [SENTINEL] Zombies Mod Menu. Place this GSC script in your zm folder.

    alt text

    3. Simply launch Zombies, and enjoy your mod menu. You will need to be the host in order to use this.

    alt text

    And no, you cannot use this on a dedicated server hosted by someone else to troll your friends...

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