[BUG][IW5] Developer FPS Fix Bounty.

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  • EDIT: Bounty now at $360 USD!
    Thanks to all willing to help out!

    Hi developers, i am still hitting the dreaded around 250 fps cap on supposedly W10.

    Here are my findings.

    Game settings:
    1080P ALL LOW

    CPU: Ryzen 3700X
    GPU: 5700XT
    Board: ASUS ROG B550-F

    i noticed that this game on this configuration and many others are having this problem. Most people state this is because of windows 10, although according to my findings this is not necessarily true. Installing W7 on this system, increased my fps around 50. nowhere near it should be.
    The IW6X or IW4X client does not have this problem. as i can easy achieve around the 600 mark consistently. at 1080P Max.

    Second test system:

    CPU: i7 980
    GPU: RX 580
    Board: EVGA Sli3 X58

    this system, although having much lower power, can achieve 700+ in IW5. on Windows 10 And 7.

    Things i know/have tried.

    1. I know my hardware is more than capable
    2. Tried disabling cpu cores/SMT
    3. Disabled/ completely uninstalled all windows 10 bloatware/gamebar.
      4.Tried wrapping the game in Vulcan API to see if DX version was a problem. did not change anything. (using dvxk)
    4. among infinite amounts of BIOS and OS changes.

    Therefore. i am Putting up a $300 USD bounty for any devs to fix this problem on windows 10. and those who think im crazy, yes im absolutely serious. there are others who are willing to pitch in $60 so far. i will increase the bounty as more hop on the train. as of now, i can CONFIRM $360. I love this game, and to me, and for the community id love this.

    as all of you know, codjumper is my thing and its definitely worth it to me. Also, I'd like to take full advantage of a 275Hz monitor πŸ™‚

    Thanks for reading!

    Note 1: i encourage others to post specs, fps, and windows version to gain more data.

    Note 2: just pausing the game, and hovering your mouse back and fourth over the options lowers fps by about 30 or so.

    Note 3: Messing around lower cpu affinity and tabbing in and out of game got my this on windows 10 for a brief moment.alt text

  • @Meet-Your-Maker IIRC this game always had some FPS issues on Windows 10. So to be clear, you're willing to donate 300 dollar if we figure out what causes this & create a patch? Sounds like a good reason for us to put some time towards investigating this issue.

  • @RektInator Yes absolutely. im a codjumper guy, and i love the fact that you re-added bounces, and other jumper friendly options just hard with such low fps, also i just purchased a 275Hz monitor and id love to take full advantage of it.
    I think it would be a good for all of us haha. i can pay you my share, ($250) on janurary 1st. the other $50 is split between 3 other people that would like to see a fix.

  • @RektInator not sure if it means anything to you or helps you in any way, but i noticed, my gpu, 5700XT clock speeds are very low in this game. (in windows 10 at least) in the 700mhz range. and am peaked right around the 250fps mark. ([email protected] low settings) gpu usage is only 10-15%. the 3700x will never peak when running the game, even when in dual core mode. might mean nothing just a thought.

  • It would seem you speak Rektinators language. I'll lock the thread and let you both add each other on Discord or something.

    Edit: Just re-read that OP wants people to post their specs so i'll leave it unlocked unless OP requests for to to be locked.

  • I have the same issue on any resolution/setting.
    FPS go above 300 on a W7 partition, but not on W10.

    GPU: GTX 1080ti
    CPU: Ryzen 9 5900x
    RAM: 32GB @ 3000 MHz

  • I had the same problem when updated my old windows laptop (GTX 670MX) to W10. if iirc same problem on windows 8.
    I think the problem may be related to the new way desktop composition is made.

    On windows 7 games take the graphics card exclusively on full screen.
    There is another bug in this old laptops with directx above 9, you are stick with 60fps in a 60Hz screen, cuz the WDM (Windows desktop manager) have some kind of vsync (this bug may be related to DXGI cuz only DirectX 10, 11 and 12 games are affected).

    some quotes from microsoft:
    With the release of Windows 10, we added Fullscreen Optimizations – which takes full screen exclusive games and runs them instead in a highly optimized borderless windowed format that takes up the entire screen. You get the visual experience and performance of running your game in FSE, but with the benefits of running in a windowed mode. You get the visual experience and performance of running your game in FSE, but with the benefits of running in a windowed mode. These benefits include faster PC commands such as alt-tab, multiple monitor set ups and overlays.

    seems like they basically remove the fullscreen exclusive mode where games have total control on the gpu, to make thinkgs like the fast Alt+Tab command and other shits.

    When using Fullscreen Optimizations, your game believes that it is running in Fullscreen Exclusive, but behind the scenes, Windows has the game running in borderless windowed mode. When a game is run in borderless windowed mode, the game does not have full control of the display– that overarching control is given back to the Desktop Window Manager (DWM). However, this control has historically resulted in a slight performance overhead vs FSE, where the game has full control.

    I tried a lot of things like you did back in the day but none solve the problem. On this laptop under win7 the game goes above 250 fps, gpu usage is high and the used cpu cores too, but not the case on win10.

  • some testing i did time ago:

    Windows 10, GTX670MX @ 600 Hz | 1080p 2x AA

    • low settings: 145fps, 65% GPU usage
    • high settings: 110fps, 95% GPU usage

    Windows 10, GTX670MX @ (OC) 900 Hz | 1080p 2x AA

    • low settings: 140fps, 40% GPU usage (gpu clock 500-700 mhz)
    • high settings: 110fps, 65% GPU usage

    Windows 10, GTX670MX @ (OC) 900 Hz | 480p no AA

    • low settings: 155fps, 20% GPU usage (gpu clock 400 mhz)
    • high settings: 130fps, 50% GPU usage (gpu clock 400 mhz)

    Cpu individual core usage very unstable but not pushed above 70% (only 3 cores not idle)

    the only way to increate gpu usage is increasing the game quality, but fps remain stable. There is something during the frame preventing frametime decrease and gpu is not forced to work.

    Not happening on win7, gpu pushed to 250 fps

  • This is a great bounty for a great feature that will make a very good selling point for Plutonium.

    To spice it up more. I will also donate €10 if it gets fixed πŸ”₯

  • @H3X1C Same! Also donate 10€ if it gets fixed

  • Fuck it, I'll throw in €20 if it's fixed.

  • @Mr-Android Thanks! I just thought it would be interesting, or maybe help devs some by getting some other data. I thought @RektInator spoke English, haha his English was not that bad on the fourms πŸ˜„

  • Adding 20$ to the bounty 🀠

  • @Meet-Your-Maker I meant you speak his language, IE Money is a great motivator πŸ˜›

  • @xensik Im not sure if this might help you with the thing about "fullscreen" but if you go to properties of the game, in the compatibility menu you have fullscreen optimization or something named like that, you can uncheck it, i got a pretty big boost of 90 fps.

    Pd: sorry for the bad english, spanish is my main language

  • @NekrosNotFound Already have it disabled.
    Noticed volume overlay is not displayed, so seems like the game is on exclusive fullscreen.
    So problem should be something DirectX internal, drivers, or windows scheduler.

    Im going to setup a windows 7 partition for testing

    maybe profiling the game frame on both w7 and w10 can find where the frame time difference is consumed

  • @Meet-Your-Maker
    I did some performance testing and I already have great results.


    As you can see, my FPS went up from 190 to 314. My GPU usage is now around 50% (GTX 1060 6GB OC). My CPU usage is still only at 15% (Ryzen 9 3950x 16C/32T). I am trying to get the GPU usage up to 100%.

  • @RektInator What is your rig? How did you get it to utilize more GPU?

    I am contributing $50 to this bounty as an FYI for everyone.

  • @HillChurch said in Developer FPS Fix Bounty.:

    @RektInator What is your rig? How did you get it to utilize more GPU?

    I am contributing $50 to this bounty as an FYI for everyone.

    I did some optimizations in the beta build of Plutonium, this will soon be available to the public (once its tested & stable). I cannot tell you what exactly I did, but it will be available for everyone soon πŸ™‚

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