[TUTORIAL] How to make custom ZM maps.

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  • As the title suggests, you can make your own custom zombies maps using the mod tools provided and share it with your friends/release them on our forum if its decent enough.


    If you're a beginner and have no clue where to start, refer to this playlist and these guides will walk you through on how the mod tools work, customizing your map, building resources, etc

    You only need to go through these small 15 videos ranging from Ep1 to Ep15.


    If you already know what you're doing and exactly know how mod tools work and stuff and only looking for a quick walkthrough on just building and customizing custom maps, you just need to refer to Ep16 :- https://youtu.be/MXknpORxgaA

    P.S. : These videos weren't made by me and are complete beginner-friendly tutorials, credits go to GAM3VIDZ for the videos, and the UGX team for the mod tool patches and stuff.

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