[TUTORIAL] Modifying BIK files

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  • Also, disclaimer this tutorial is no way to mess with or tamper with IW5 Client just to change .BIK video files which from all I know so far will not change or affect gameplay.

    What is a bik file?

    1. No clue, its just a video format, used in loading levels and the game's intro

      You can also modify Game loading screen on levels, these files are included in "main\video" named "so_survival_mp"

    2. But they are used for the game intro so custom intro part 2??1/1/!?!?!?/

    How To Convert Bik to something Editable?

    1. Find the file you want to use first
    2. To convert it use a video converter to convert it to MPEG or mp4 (I used Pavtube)
    3. Edit the video
    4. Save the video has MPEG (Avoid Mp4 at this point)
    • If you would like to mess with the intro to IW5 and don't have a way to convert it, you can click HERE

    How to convert it back to BIK?!?!?!

    1. Download Bink Converter
    2. Install It and launch radvideo.exe
    3. Put the Edited video in the folder with your exe (the program is buggy at)
      Blink it.JPG
    4. Then Blink it!

    Please note if you modify a file such as the intro it will auto redownload the original version during the launch of the pluto launcher, so you would need to modify the file while it pluto launcher is open.

  • Only problem I see with this is that the Plutonium Launcher will replace your custom file on every update. (Maybe every launch, i've not tested it).

  • Yeah, it replaces it every time you launch pluto, which is why you can only replace it once you opened the launcher then you can open the game and file will be modified.

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