[Release] VanillasTS Server-Side Trickshot menu

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  • holy shit i thought that was an 8, thanks


  • How can I know my GUID?

  • @ImpaaacT
    Guide step by step with VanillasTS

    1. Load VanillasTS in your server
    2. Got the guid print options
    3. Look bottom left of your screen
    4. And you have it

    Guide step by step with Forum

    1. Write https://forum.plutonium.pw/api/user/<YourName> , where you see yourname insert your plutonium foru name.
    2. Copy the uid
    3. Go to Decimal to Hex Converter
    4. Write your uid
    5. You hex number rappresent youtr guid
  • I think I just found a bug.
    Dunno why, but it's like the height barrier of the map is really low. In my case, I'm in Nuketown and I can't even go to the 2nd floor of the houses, I die.

  • don't worked

  • no offense dude but "Super Wallbangs, flags and the ability to trickshot from 1000m will never be implemented because it makes no sense" is a very weird thing to say. It's vital for any trickshot server to wallbang everything and unlimited bullet range. Also wallbang everything and unlimited range is controlled outside of GSC scripting, so you can't "implement in menu" you need to make a .dll plugin that overrides bullet penetration/hit registration through c#/c++.

  • @xforsaken I know. But as i said it is something i never approved. Now for you guys is vital because some servers added this feature and force other server to do the same because player don't want server without something that increse your chance of hit a trickshot.

    In the new days the real trickshotting is dead, be able to hit in 18 players lobby with no limit on the map it ruined everything. Hit a shot its not fun anymore, i don't feel anything when i hit something.

    On my release i will never add the plugin for that, because i don't support this idea of make everything easier.

  • @Sorex Sure, you will just get 0 players in your server with that mindset. Time changes, deal with it

  • @lmage

    Talking about my personal Servers doesn't make sense, because you don't even know if my servers have these features. (Even if I don't agree my servers have them).

    Cutting part of the sentence also makes it lose its meaning. But if you read the name of the menu and my definition of Vanilla you would have already figured out what the menu is made for and what it offers and doesn't offer.

    Why the menu is called VanillasTS

    Have you ever wondered why the menu is called VanillasTS?
    Vanilla Server** Trickshot S**hot

    Why i build this menu?

    The menu was created to be accessible to everyone and to be as simple as possible. it is a proof that most of the codes are open source and available to the public.

    In addition, this menu provides a new way to manage ranks. A system that can be updated without restarting the server and without reloading the code.

    Defination of Vanilla

    "By Vanilla I mean a slight modification of the original game. Nothing more nothing less. Super Wallbangs, flags and the ability to trickshot from 1000m will never be implemented on this menu, because in fact these fetures are not vanilla and make no sense to be implemented."

  • I don't know why you're bringing that Vanilla shit up. You don't need to tell me the definition of Vanilla, I know what Vanilla means, I never argued that part. I just don't understand how people with your mindset which is "trickshotting with wallbang everything and 1000Meter bullet register ruins trickshotting!!!!!" it doesn't. It only makes it better and allows you to hit CRAZIER trickshots. "Talking about my server makes no sense because you dont know if they have these features" ok, judging by what you said about super wallbangs I already know your opinion, so if you still have them in your server even though you hate the features, THEN THAT MAKES NO SENSE.

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