Xbox One Controller suddenly not working like normal.

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  • Whenever I load up Plutonium, I usually boot up in Big Picture mode, and the controller works fine. Heck, I don't even need to use Big Picture mode. Suddenly though, it stopped working. I can't move or do anything. I can still press the home button on the controller and it will bring up that menu thing whenever you use Big Picture.

    I have tried reconnecting the controller, restarting my PC, and putting new batteries in. I tried to search for other people having the same issue but it seems that mine might be an isolated situation. And it works on other games I have on steam just fine.

    I hope someone can help me fix this.

  • Disable the controller support in steam big picture, only one application can use the controller.

  • @Xerxes The only thing it shows for disabling is hiding the controller. Even after trying that, still no sign of it working on Plutonium.

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