Can't Launch the game to save my life

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  • Nothing i do will launch the game. i followed all the steps to installing bo2 from the torrent and when i launch "Plutonium.exe" it says " Failed to Check for updates: Access to this path is denied" so you click "OK" and then the Launcher comes up but says "LAN MODE" so you hit play on that and then you get another error. "VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found, then "MSVCP140.dll" was not found as well. i installed VC Redist already, I can't find any other help besides "download a vpn" but that doesn't seem like it'll do shit. i just wanna play bo2 again like the old days but all i have is nothing but problems and so does my friend trying to install the game. Please put out a post thats pinned or update the install tutorial to actually show people how to install it. I love this platform and these games with these servers but the launch issues are insane and the game never wants to start when you install it and everytime ive installed this on the multiple PC's ive owned theres always been alot of errors and problems just installing the game. once it runs 1 time its perfectly fine but i can't even get the game to launch.

  • You need to install everything inside the redist folder in your game location.

    Alternatively, give the redist installer a shot.

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