[FEATURE] Server configurable aim assist.

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  • There is a large potential group of players that may want to use Plutonium as a result of competitive Call of Duty moving to PC last year. After trying to appeal to that audience, a major deal-breaker for the majority of people is the absence of aim assist. An example of such can be seen here, where 400 people backed and over 100 commented on the proposition once asked.

    I propose that aim assist is added as an OPTION for server owners to enable (Perhaps even adjustable aim assist strength, though that may be out of scope for what I'm suggesting).


    -Minor clarification, I'm suggesting aim assist to be implemented as it was on the base game (As opposed to the stronger aim assist present in newer titles).

    -The feature proposed is useful for communities outside of the ones mentioned, aim assist would be beneficial for zombie players as well as bringing in a wider casual audience for mp servers (Just searching for aim assist on these forums brings up an abundance of results).

  • @birchy I don't use a controller personally but this has been a requested feature for a while now. I will put down $30 because I believe this will be a popular improvement and will hopefully attract more people to the clients.

  • Just gonna throw this out there, Aim Assist would probably require a good few months of our focused time. It would take some insane number before I can see rekti or somebody accepting this.

    Plus there's also the massive discussion of if it's the correct thing to even add to the project. There are some major arguments both for and against aim assist.

  • @Mr-Android Naturally, only brought the discussion up after a few back and forths someone had with Rekti

  • I am willing to accept it in the future, but currently, we've got some other work to do and also other open bounties. The feature sounds like a good plan though.

  • @RektInator Is there any updates on this because I really want to play plutonium but I just feel like I cant compete as I grew up playing these games on controller and mouse and keyboard just doesn't feel right to me

  • bump this. seems like one of the staff of the project have aim assist working and if they are fine with it being implemented, I think that this should be added sometime soon. the only thing that should go along with it is a dvar that the server can enable/disable that decides whether aim assist is allowed.

    other than that, don't really see the problem and rekti himself even said it's a good plan.

  • People who get frustrated over controller players with aim assist are usually trash at games. Yall people have WHOLE HANDS to aim with. Controller players are left with a little twinkly bumper to aim with. If u get destroyed by aim assist then you are trash and its a fact because controller players have too many disadvantages over kbm. Cod bo2 is meant to be played with a controller, NOT with a Fucking writing device with a pointer attached to it.

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