Modding Tranzit - Getting rid of fog, lava damage, denziens, fixing the bus

  • Hey there, Tranzit could be really great if, when the client is stable and gets mod support, someone changed those annoying things, like:

    • Maybe not entirely, but get rid of fog, for example adding a new perk that makes you see through it or adding a mask item for the same function, the fog is annoying but its still characteristic to the map i guess

    • Drinking Juggernog makes you immune to lava damage, or adding lava resistant boots, lava makes you feel the apocalyptic atmosphere of the destroyed earth so hey i kinda like it?

    • Making the bus wait for you and not complete its rounds, it kind of doesnt make sense but hey its a game and the rockets screwed up the robot driver so it actually makes sense.

    • Denziens...actually fuck those guys. Just get rid of them or come up with something i dont care fuck them.

  • @moms-baguetti 1.juggernog dose help you get across lava easily without dying quick
    2.You don't necessarily need the bus to leave to the next stop I've got to the next stop without it

    1. Just lead them to the glowing green lampposts they will dig a hole and make a teleporter kinda thing

    These are just my opinions :3

    1. The fog can be easily navigated through i think theres a map already done to solve this issue

  • @ranvirthelopunny
    You're right but there's a reason why most of the community hates this map, at least as far as i know

  • @moms-baguetti The fog was planning to removed but since consoles couldn't handle the nofog on transzit it stayed so pc is stuck with it too

  • @ranvirthelopunny Yeah i know about that, it is atmospheric but i kinda feel its too much with the denziens and lava