normal crash or a ban ?

  • When I start bo2 multiplayer, the console opens as usual and it comes the bo2 image in the middle of the screen. After that the game crashes and via visual studio debugging the error is "Unbehandelte Ausnahme bei 0x773D3EF2 in t6rmp.exe: Microsoft C++-Ausnahme: std::system_error bei Speicherort 0x0019EF74" Don't be surprised that it is in german

  • Project Moderator

    You are not banned, otherwise it would say so in the launcher and on your profile.

    Also that name, can you even sink any lower?

  • I wonder at all why you are interested in my name. I name myself as I want and you don't have to be so childishly.

  • Project Moderator

    Maybe because something like rules exist here and maybe because depending on how your name is interpreted you are breaking those.

  • I have read them and in no way I break them.