[Feature][T6]Player viewable custom camos + emblem + calling card.

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  • Apologies for the not very good title, and even though I'm a Project Admin I hope I can do this, this is a feature I've wanted for a while but nobody has time.

    I like seeing screenshots of people's games and seeing their custom camo, it's like seeing an extension of them. So I'd like a feature where players can select a camo for their gun which tells the game (this can either be a fully new camo slot or take an existing slot) and when in use it reads an IWI (this could be in a specific folder on the players computer or uploaded to Plutonium itself) and displays it on the gun. The server then also does this and puts the material on everyone else's gun if it's picked up or shown in a killcam etc.

    Working similarly (but I imagine under the hood very differently) to custom emblems in IW5.

    Ontop of this, allowing your forum avatar to be used as your custom emblem in T6 would be very cool as well as the calling card.

    I'm personally willing to put in $100 via Paypal to see the above in T6 and I welcome anybody else to up the bounty too.

    If we can also then have the same in IW5 (so calling card and camo) I'll do another $100. But IW5 can come after. T6 is the priority IMO for this feature.

    Sidenote: I've seen discussions on this before and from what I gather, this isn't an easy task, so I imagine if it's only my $100 then this will probably be rejected until later in the year once our other tasks are finished.

  • Been wanting emblems since the T6 Beta too, I don't have much space in my budget but I'm willing to throw in $15-$20 at least.

  • i'm willing to pay 300$ if or whenever this gets released

  • @Mr-Android The forum icon for emblem would be so so sick.

    willing to put $10 towards (i dont got much money, sorry)

  • A great feature no doubt, but I believe there should be a discussion regarding the drawbacks. Mainly being that many people will abuse the customization to display high detail NSFW and even NSFL images/graphics throughout the game that everyone will be exposed to.

  • @CPL There is already streamer mode, which disables custom content on IW5. Besides that, using NSFW pictures is a bannable offense and the player in question will be banned when reported.

  • Bounty has been accepted and we will start working on it soon. No ETA when it will be implemented/fixed. Thread will remain open for extra bounties or discussion regarding the bug/feature.

  • @CPL Kids play in consoles and theres an option for that too, "not display user generated content"

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