Despite recent update, friend still times out when joining zombies.

  • when my friend tries to join a zombies server he loads for about a minute and then gets disconnected with the error 'Server Disconnect: Timeout' this happens to him every time he tries to load in to a server on zombies, it happens in multiplayer sometimes as well but he usually just tries again.

  • @fallen-sea the loading of games need a great graphic card and great hard disk like ssd , minimum graphic card we need nvidia gt 9800 to get fast loading game and if he get gtx series then will be better ( minimum cpu : Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHz ) he need 30 or 45 sec max of loading game

  • Project Moderator

    @fallen-sea He has a time window of about 90(?) sec to fully load the game. This is a engine limitation and IIRIC there is a dvar to increase that time but I really don't know its name.