Bring Back the Old PROMOD for Dedicated Server?

  • Feature: Bring back the old "PROMOD" configuration, such as the commands that were disable because of the new patch which was 3 years ago. This is only for Dedicated Server, not public.

    Description: This would help us to play professionally in-game with those commands. It gives players to have more FPS and able to see clear in-game.

    Motivation: This feature will keep the eSport running perfectly. It brings more people to play professionally.

  • @Sig what you mean promod? esl rules? you mean no perks and such? easily done nowadays... i dont get the question... much less the improvement since it already can be done... oh not to mention pluto devs say plugins will be a thing so all that dvar customization will be in pluto... at least i think lol

  • Project Admin

    We will allow LUA Mods and eventually GSC mods so im sure somebody can make a promod mod for servers :)

  • I will port Cod4 Promod again when they release Mod Tools.

    PD: would help us to play professionally, are you joking? pirated mw3 competitive level is a joke