Like league of legends and others

  • Feature: a wait in the game start
    Description: You know the "waiting for other players"? well basically making that really work where the game only starts when everyone is connected, there is only 1 problem the people who DC in the start and take a long time to actually DC from server, but i think u guys can do that process faster...
    Motivation: Not really a big one but would be cool, since currently on promod admins have to restart the server after first round...
    Note: this could also be made by a warm up like in csgo but idk wich one is easier xD
    PS: what about a launcher like league with news about pluto uh? :D (probably too early for that lol, or actually too late since game is old xD)

  • Project Admin

    Launcher is planned.
    I like the idea, servers that need it would enjoy it's use.
    @Zephyr @marty Opinions?