Please allow us to change our yawspeed

  • For those of you who don't know what yawspeed is. it's a value you set in the config which decides at which speed you will spin left or right when doing the "turn left" or "turn right" action from the ingame controls. This is vital for trickshotting if you're into that, which I think a lot of black ops players are. Personally I use it to do a quick 180 degree turn since it saves a lot of time and energy. I used to get pain in my shoulder after playing cod for a few hours but with Turn Right I can play until I get bored.

    Currently the command "cl_yawspeed #" and "seta yawspeed #" freezes and unfocuses my game. However it does refocus after about 15 seconds.

    If you want to try using my method, I advice a yawspeed of around 1050.

  • Gotta get those trickzoom quickscoop shots

  • Pretty good.

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    @colourz said in Please allow us to change our yawspeed:

    seta yawspeed #

    this is something that would be pretty nice, did any admins see this yet? i guess these are some vars which wouldnt bring you any advantage in normal games whatsoever so ppl should be allwoed to change it right?