I can't put unlimited time on my FFA dedicated server

    • Hi, I can´t put my custom game settings to my dedicated server. I want to set unlimited time to my FFA server.

    -I modified this lines from tdm to dm

    exec gamesettings_dedicated.cfg //load the default server settings
    exec gamesettings_dm.cfg //load the default dm settings
    set_gametype dm //set the game type to dm

    -My gamesetting folder is in \t6r\data\gamesettings

    -I edited dm.cfg and changed gts timelimit 10 to 0

    -I did put the dm game type in front of the first map

    sv_maprotation "exec dm.cfg map mp_la map mp_nuketown_2020 map mp_carrier"

    Even though I did all this, my server still shows a time of 10 minutes. I don't know what I'm doing wrong

  • Project Developer

    @petyrbaelish make sure you actually uncommented the line...
    It happens way more often than you think.

  • Here's what I have for my config, see if it matches yours. I don't have my cfg in \data\gamesettings I just have it in \t6r\data. (I don't know if that makes a difference.)
    Also, I have sv_maprotation in my dedicated.cfg as opposed to the dm.cfg
    I hope this helped.

    exec gamesettings_dm.cfg
    set_gametype dm
    gts disableTacInsert 1
    gts roundStartExplosiveDelay 2
    gts roundStartKillstreakDelay 0
    gts teamCount 1
    gts timelimit 0
    gts scorelimit 30