Game will only run 1 time!

  • Just as the title says, I can only get the game to run ONCE! I get an "Unhandled Exception" error. I traced it to xaudio2_7.dll which is in the System32 folder, which is for DirectX I believe. I forced DirectX to reinstall and got the game to run again, but only once! If I delete that DLL the game will run, but without audio. If I delete xaudio2_7 and duplicate another xaudio dll, like xaudio2_6 and rename it to xaudio2_7.dll, the game will run... But again, only one time! I am almost ready to nuke Windows and reinstall it. Event viewer says t6r.dll is the faulting module and sometimes its xaudio dll.

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    Show us a screenshot of your folder. Sounds like a rogue dll.

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  • Here is a snip of the folder

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    Delete the steam_api files as they might try to patch the game (which also might also get you to be banned)

  • Still not working, It bugs me that it only runs 1 time and that I have to go through a whole ritual to get it to run again.
    I don't know if this will help or not but this is what event viewer is saying:
    I receive a crash related to this DLL if I run another copy of the same files from another folder:
    I've been researching like a mad man trying to figure this out and apparently Xaudio2_7.dll has quite the track record when it comes to crashing games.

  • Thats one hell of a rare issue. have you try disable Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel service?

    cmd>sfc /scannow?

  • I updated the computer to Windows 10 v1803. I thought that might have somehow fixed it because I got the game to run two times in a row... But not a third. I looked in Services.msc and saw the Touch Keyboard process was running so I completely disabled it. Still didn't fix it. I ran system file checker and it reported no integrity violations.
    EDIT: I found out the game will run, albeit without sound, if I remove xaudio2_7.dll from both System32 and SysWOW64 directories.

  • I managed to fix it! I disabled "Communications Headphones" in the Sound control panel. Let me elaborate further. If "Communications Headphones" is enabled and set as the default Communications device and "Speakers / Headphones" is set as the default device, that causes the game to crash. But if "Communications Headphones" is set as the default device, the game doesn't crash and I still have sound. Disabling "Communications Headphones" entirely and having "Speakers / Headphones" just as the default device also works.

  • Holy shit. Glad it's working for you. Mind telling us the audio drivers you have on your system in case someone search this same problem?

  • It is a Dell Inspiron 15r N5110 with IDT audio.