[Bounty 25$] [T6 MP] BOTS ADJUSTMENT

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  • Hello,

    After Playing a lot of Hours in BO2 i noticed that the Bots that i can spawn Trough the Command "Spawnbot" are way to easy even through setting them to Veteran with the Command "bot_difficulty" before spawning them.

    The aim is often poor and and the Reaction time of the bots when seeing a target is also not very well, the bots are overall to slow while they throw grenades or running brainless with a shield through the map, they should become better classes in my opinion and an overall improvement.

    Here are some usefull Dvars i found for the bots maybe this can help adjust the bots

    • bot_MaxDeathTime

    • bot_MaxPitchTime

    • bot_MaxReactionTime

    • bot_MinPitchTime

    • bot_MinReactionTime

    • bot_MaxReactionTime

    • bot_StrafeChance

    • ai_maxAttackerCount

    • bot_TargetLeadBias

    • bot_YawSpeed

    • ai_playerNearAccuracy

    • ai_playerFarAccuracy

    • ai_turnRate

    Overall i want to thank Plutonium for every work done in the past, im dreaming to level up against bots since release day for PS3. And i really hoping you guys can make the bots very challenging so people like me and my friends can enjoy this game much more. poorly i dont have really that much money but i try my best and i would give 25$. when this project while be released or worked on im wiling to pay 10$ monthly. 👍

  • I would suggest spawning the bots using the custom games menu. Configuring bots from there will make them work as intended. The spawnbot command is really just meant for development / testing purposes.

  • @RektInator

    Hey, thanks for replying.

    I tested the Bots from custom games but the bots really dont have much differents and the problem is that i cannot level up in Custom Games.

  • @RektInator Even in custom games the bots don't behave like their steam counterparts.
    On veteran they don't seem to play as good as they should and don't have the aimbot that they have on steam.

    Also on dedicated servers their AI is completely broken. One reason is that PlayerCmd_BotLookAt() doesn't seem to work at all on a dedicated server so the bots don't have the ability to look around. PlayerCmd_BotGetLookaheadDir() also doesn't appear to work either.

    If fixes can be created and applied to mp and zm I will pitch in $75.

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