Make the built-in auto team balance actually usable.

  • Project Moderator

    Add more features and configuration options to the built-in team balance script.
    There should be more options and features to customize the built-in auto balance script.

    • Using lone wolfes to balance the teams.
    • Changing the interval between checks.
    • A grace period in which a player is warned that his ping is too high (as alternative to the next point).
    • The option to move players to the spectators instead of kicking them.
      • Prevent the player from joining a team until he fixes his ping
      • Move the player back once his ping is acceptable again
      • Kick him after some time if his ping is still too high
    • Keeping friends together.*
    • Keeping players with the same tag together.*
    • Split up groups if they make more than x% of the kills per map(per player?).*

    This feature should be added to the client, so the built-in auto team balance sucks less.

    *This hopefully provides the right balance between allowing friends to play together and preventing servers getting dominated by a few good players.

  • +1 for the friend aspect