mod bo2

  • hello i have created a server dedicated host in snd, but I would like to modder a little.
    how to unlock fps?
    how to add information that scrolls or fixes like our site or discord or other?
    how to reduce the icons of the bomb and its objectives?

    Naturally I wish it to be the server that does it?

    I am part of the community teknomw3 but I try to lead the players pluto if I can do one or servers that me and their likes.

    Thank you for your answers

  • Project Moderator

    Default port is 4976
    You can mess with the fps in the options in the menu
    I have no idea what that question means
    As far as I know you really can't reduce the icons on obj and bombs, unlike BF4 where you have the option

  • the icons are not annoying like mw3 in black ops 2 ... and abt the timed messages u can use either iw4madmin or B3 for it..

  • @Wildy how put message in b3?