Force downloading of all maps

  • Feature:
    Force downloading of all maps.

    Force downloading of all maps that are available on Plutonium MW3.
    On updates: Check if new maps are available and force downloading them, too.

    It's more of an alternative to the feature Dv4L suggested: Map and mod downloading like in cod 4
    That feature would be much nicer, but if that doesn't make it, then this one I'd really want.

    This, in order to prevent the problem we had on Lasko's server on IW4X:
    Whenever the server was active and the game switched to a new DLC map - like the newer BO1 maps - half the lobby would not be able to connect (because they didn''t download the newer maps) and as a result the activity on the server would just completely die just because of this problem.

    RIP lobby.

  • Pretty good idea.

  • Project Admin

    Custom maps will most likely be shipped with the updater.

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