r1205 - r1715 - Plutonium T4 Release!

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    • Intervention sounds fixed.
    • Added more attachments for the Intervention.
    • Base-game weapon fixes.
    • Added rocket jump support.
    • Added experimental GSC support! Watch this space for future development! Smart bots might be possible with enough time!
    • Updated ultrawide patch, aspectratio is automatically adjusted based on screen resolution


    • First release of T4! - Submit your gameplay clips using the #PlutoniumT4 hashtag on Twitter!

    • Dedicated servers for Multiplayer and Zombies / CO-OP. Use F10 and HOME keys to make the menu appear and disappear. There may be a shortage of servers on release, this should fix itself as more people begin hosting them.

    • sp_minplayers dvar implemented for SP dedis, allows a server owner to configure the minimum amount of players before a zombies/co-op mission starts. If this is set to 2, the game won't start until 2 players join and if a 3rd player joins they will fall in a void until the map restarts. Just use the map_restart command to restart the level. For Zombies, you will sit on the loadscreen until the minimuim amount of players has been reached.

    • Implemented modStats dvar. This lets server owners decide if their mod should use normal stats or it's own custom stats.

    • Unlocked cg_fov dvar. No more max FOV of 80.

    • Added g_patchRocketJumps to enable/disable rocket jumps.

    • Allow connect command to be used while already connected to a server.

    • Fixed base-game exploits.

    • Added discord rich presence. (Games invites, joining etc via Discord)

    • Punkbuster removed, Plutonium's Anticheat added.

    • Zombies / Co-Op map / mod downloading - no more making sure you have the map downloaded, just click to join a server and the game will download the required files, just like in Multiplayer.

    • cg_fovscale and cg_fovmin has been unlocked and you can now enter these console commands at any time.

    • Removed profile system which causes new players on Steam to be unable to play online due a glitch. Plutonium doesn't need this, we use our own.

    • We've incorporated many features from the T4M mod which many players liked to use, let us know if anything is missing and we can see if we can add it.

    • Game controller binds automatically execute when the game starts, saving you having to manually enter the console command.

    • unlockall command can be used to skip the grind and be max rank and max prestige with everything unlocked.

    • The game will now check AppData\Local\Plutonium\storage\t4\mods for any game mods, it will also check the normal location too for backwards compatability with auto installing mods.

    • Added menu option to allow 16x AA, the default max is 4x.

    • Added zombies workaround - players who connect later than other players will not spawn until the start of the next round, this avoids them spawning into a wall or other objects.

    • Implemented ultrawide patch, aspectratio is automatically adjusted based on screen resolution

    Known Bugs:

    Campaign Co-op games are buggy, this will be worked on alongside our modding community to fix and improve this. Expect crashes if trying this feature. The map mak is fully broken, we suggest starting with pel1 but none have been fully tested but will be worked on after release.

    If you join a full zombies server, Plutonium will quit rather than giving an error. Relaunch Plutonium and join a different server. This only affects some players.

    Some custom maps issue kill commands incorrectly which break dedicated server game scripts. Report these on the forum and our modding community will try to patch that map to be compatible with Plutonium.

    There is no need to report these bugs.


    • Fix for user command overflow some users were getting.
    • Implemented sv_cheats feature bounty. https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/7860/feature-t6zm-t6mp-reimplementation-of-sv_cheats-dvars-and-commands
    • Implemented dedicated server demos. Theatre mode is on it's way to being fully functional.
    • Implement "old" config file system, config files are no longer encrypted.
    • Added setClientDvar function for GSC scripts.
    • Implemented ultrawide patch, aspectratio is automatically adjusted based on screen resolution
    • cg_fovMin / cg_fovScale unprotected

    Useful Threads:

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    Common Issues and Fixes - Check here if you have an error - https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/6974/common-issues-and-frequently-asked-questions-t4

    Custom Games with friends - https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/6975/custom-games-with-friends

    How to use a controller - https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/6977/controller-guide

    Migrating your Steam stats to Plutonium T4 - https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/9275/migrating-steam-mp-stats-to-plutonium-t4

    The Official WaW modding tools - https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/7192/official-waw-mod-tools

    GSC dumps for WaW - https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/7194/gsc-dump-for-waw

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