r1715 - r1728 - Hotfix

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  • Hello all,

    Since the update yesterday we've been working to fix the bugs we are seeing that were not fully picked up in testing but were when everyone got their hands on the game. We are working on more but are releasing them as we fix them.

    As always, server owners you will need to update as soon as possible.


    • Fixed a bug that caused mp_rust and mp_highrise to crash.


    • Fixed a bug that caused sound to stop and guns / doors / scripts to break when the final player slot was filled and then left. This should increase T4SP (Zombies / CO-OP) stability on the base game maps.

    • UPnP now supported on both T4SP and T4MP.

    • Fixed a typo in our default server configs for Zombies, Shi No Numa would not load as the map name was incorrect. It should be nazi_zombie_sumpf NOT nazi_zombie_swamp. Please correct this yourself or grab a fresh copy of the configs from https://github.com/xerxes-at/T4ServerConfigs/archive/refs/heads/main.zip

    UPnP info:
    If you want to host a session, ensure that UPnP is marked as Enabled in the Network tab. If the UPnP status is disabled, you will need to manually forward your ports in order for other people to be able to join. Common issues with UPnP:

    Your network is set to Public: Change your network to Private in your Windows settings.
    UPnP is disabled on your router: Enable UPnP on your router to make this feature work.
    Your router does not support UPnP: Either port forward the game port manually or buy a better router.


    No changes to T6 however here is a guide on using the the demo feature. https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/9547/how-to-play-back-demos-theater-mode

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