[Release] MW3 TSD Alpha

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  • A experimental trickshotting mod for servers.

    alt text

    Full Video: https://vimeo.com/535315882

    Features - see it in action.

    Bot Spawning - you can spawn bots by using actionslot 4 while aiming.
    Bot Moving/Freezing - you can teleport bots to your crosshair by using reload while aiming. They will be frozen until death.
    Save/Load Position - position can be saved and loaded by pressing actionslot 4 while prone (save) or crouched (load).
    Explosive Bullets (sniper only) - disabled by default. See the configuration section for details on how to enable it.
    UFO* - you can use the ufo.
    Godmode* - you can use the god command.


    This mod depends fed's Lua Scripting, so you'll have to setup a dedicated server to used it.

    1. Setup a local/online dedicated server, see the official guide on how to do so - it's fairly easy. After setting up the server, add the -no-scripting flag.
      • Optional: edit admin/server.cfg to run a FFA/SND game.
    2. Install fed's Lua Scripting plugin.
    3. Click here to download the script.
    4. Create a folder named iw5_tsd in storage/iw5/scripts
    5. Move the downloaded __init__.lua file to the iw5_tsd folder.
    6. Run the server by executing StartServer.bat.

    Configuration & Limitations

    Currently you can enable EB, configure it's strength and change which weapons are considered EB weapons by editing the __init__.lua file inside the mod folder.

    • EB_ENABLE enables EB if true , disables if false. Default is false.
    • EB_STRENGTH sets the EB strength in game units. Default is 2000.
    • EB_WEAPONS sets which weapons are used for EB. Each item of this list should be the weapon base name without the iw5 prefix or the _mp postfix. Default is all snipers.

    This mod is experimental, so it's not as nearly polished as most MW2 or BO2 trickshotting mods. For example, EB won't show hitmarkers - this is because the callbackOnPlayerDamage function is currently not exposed to Lua, only finishPlayerDamage.

    *Also, UFO and godmode are not implemented by the mod. But since the mod automatically sets sv_cheats to 1, any player can use both command.

    The mod is, of course, free. Don't buy this from anyone. Feel free to contact me on Discord (naccib#7687) if you'd like to discuss the mod or scripting in general.

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