How to restrict perks/GL via GSC

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  • Getting Started

    1. Create a main_shared folder in your server root folder.
    2. Create maps/mp/gametypes folders inside said folder.
      img showing this
    3. Download the raw _class.gsc file. [You will have to do a CTRL+S on this page and change the Save as type to All Files and remove the .txt extension.
      img showing this
    4. Move _class.gsc into the gametypes folder and open it.

    Disabling Perks

    1. Do a search for // allowed perks in each slot, for validation.
    2. Find the perk you wish to disable, in my instance specialty_pistoldeath.
    3. Replace perkReferenceToIndex[ "specialty_pistoldeath" ]; with 190;
      img showing

    img showing

    Disabling Grenade Launchers

    1. Search for self setWeaponAmmoOverall( secondaryWeapon, self.custom_class[class_num]["inventory_count"] );
    2. Replace self SetActionSlot( 3, "altMode" ); like 5 lines down with self SetActionSlot( 3, "" );.


    You should now have said perks/items banned.

    st0rm - Showing me how to disable them
    Chase - Writing the guide

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