How to make a Zombies map

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  • NOTE: This will only cover the very barebone basics of making a map. This will not include a how to on adding custom weapons and perks, nor will it contain a how to on adding custom scripts to your maps

    Hello! If you are stumbling across this thread, you probably wanna make your own zombies map in World at War. Lucky for you, this thread is just the right place to start!

    You are first going to need a working copy of [email protected], as well as the mod tools, which you can find here ->World at War Mod Tools

    Simply drag those files from the mod tools into your [email protected] root directory (The directory that has the executable for [email protected])

    So, first thing to do is to go into your [email protected] folder and open the bin folder. Inside, open the Launcher

    Once in the launcher, click on converter. This will convert models and assets to be used in Radiant. Once that is done, click on Radiant image_2021-04-14_102830.png

    When you open Radiant, it may take some time for it to be used, just give it time! Once the grid pops up, you are good to go.image_2021-04-14_102915.png

    One thing you will need is a script placer. It makes your job WAY easier, as well as giving you some other options with your map. For now, we will be using the UGX Script Placer 2.0.1, since it is the most stable UGX Script Placer

    Once you have the Script Placer downloaded, open it. You will be greeted with this screenimage_2021-04-14_103049.png
    For the sake of keeping things quick, we will NOT be touching anything relating to UGX, the menus, or UGX Easy FX.

    *Map Name: Basically the code name for your map. All zombie maps (usually) need to have the name of nazi_zombie_yourmapname. For now, we will just name this map nazi_zombie_test

    Display Name: This will be the actual name of the map. Note, the Display Name does NOT support any spaces or special characters, so we will just name it Test

    Go ahead and click on Generate. Your map should be visible in the Launcher that you already have open. If it isn't, just close and reopen the Launcher.

    Once your map is generated, go back into Radiant. Up at the top, go to File->Open. Alternatively, you can do CTRL-O. You should have a File Explorer window that will pop up. Find and open it.

    Boom, your map is now made and opened in Radiant, good job, but this is only the start. What you now need to do, is make a brush. A brush is simply a texture that is made onto a 3D plane, sort of like a block in Minecraft (I couldn't think of any other examples.) Go up to the top and go to Textures->Usage->Ground. This will allow us to pick a ground texture for the map. You can use whatever texture you want from any category, but make sure it is an actual texture, and not an alpha or transparent texture. Let's go ahead and use berlin_terrain_asphalt_old

    Once you have selected the texture, you can left click drag on the grid to put it down. We don't need a huge space for what we are making today, so go ahead and make a 512x512 square, as seen hereimage_2021-04-14_104525.png

    We now need to add a player spawn. Simply right click on the grid (Make sure to deselect anything you already have selected by pressing Escape) and go to **Info ->Player->Startimage_2021-04-14_104820.png **
    Make sure that your player spawn isn't in the ground, and is above a solid surface. You can use CTRL+TAB to change views on the grid from Top to Bottom, North to South, and East to West. We will only add one player spawn, so then the map is at least playable. I will cover how to add Coop spawns in an advanced guide that will be coming soon.

    Now that your Start is set, we can now start adding zombies. It is as easy as adding an actor to your map. Right click on the grid and go to Actor->Axis->Zombie->Ger->Ber_SSHonor. Now that the zombie actor is added, we will add some Keys and values, or KVP's for short (We will refer to these as KVP's for the rest of this guide). Press N when you have the actor selected and put in these KVP's

    "script_noteworthy" "zombie_spawner"
    "count" "9999"
    "script_forcespawn" "1"
    "targetname" "zone_name_spawners" (Replace zone_name with start_zone)
    "spawnflags" "3"

    This will allow the zombie to spawn in the zone name that you have put. Keep in mind, this doesn't allow them to come up out of the ground, but rather spawn right where the actor is placed.

    Now that we have a zombie, now we need to set up the zone and playable area. Right click on the grid and go to **Info->Volumeimage_2021-04-14_110912.png **

    Drag it to fill the space of the brush you already have down, and make sure it is tall enough to fit players, as well as the player's jump heightimage_2021-04-14_111101.png
    We now need to add some KVP's to the volume itself. Select it and press N

    "targetname" "zone_name" (Replace zone_name with start_zone)
    "target" "zone_name_spawners" (Replace zone_name with start_zone)

    Now the game knows where to spawn the zombie, as well as marking the start zone. We now need a playable area. Right click the grid and go to Trigger->Multiple
    Stretch it to the same size as you have your start_zone volume, and give it this KVP

    "targetname" "playablearea"

    This will allow you to, well, not die when spawning, and also allow powerups to spawn here. Now we need to add a skybox for some lighting. Go to Textures->Usage->Sky and choose one of your liking. Now drag it over your playable area and then some, you don't want the skybox to just stop right at the edge of your play space. Here's an example of how you should have itimage_2021-04-14_123310.png
    You want it to extend high in the air, and lower than your floor, as well as have it extend to the north, south, east, and west of your map. Now, up at the top, there will be a button called hollow. Click that with your skybox selected, and tada! You now have a skybox! Now to test the map!

    You'll want to go back to your launcher (Make sure to save your map by doing CTRL+S) and go to the Mod Builder

    Now find your map, make sure all boxes on the right hand side are ticked, and make sure to ONLY TICK "Build mod.ff Fastfile" AND "Build IWD File" and then click build mod!

    Now that the mod is built, we can compile the map. Go to compile level on the top tab

    Find your map's patch file, and compile it. Make sure only Build Fastfiles is ticked for your patch
    (Make sure "Mod Specific Map" is ticked, and find the mod you just compiledimage_2021-04-14_124251.png
    Once that is done compiling, we can compile the actual map. Go to your map in the launcher (Should be the one without the _patch at the end), and tick

    • Compile BSP

    • Compile Lights

    • Connect Paths

    • Compile Reflections

    • Build Fastfiles

    • Run Map After Compile

    Also make sure to have "Mod Specific Map" ticked and select your mod. Hit compile, the game will open a few times to compile a few things, then it will open the actual game, and you should be in your map!

    Few things. Your zombies probably are not moving, and there may be some rainbow lighting, but that's okay!

    I couldn't fit everything to make a map on here, so I will be making a reply to this thread going over advanced techniques and fixing the current map you have compiled. Hopefully we get to see some ZM maps made exclusively for Plutonium!

  • So, you just followed this tutorial to make your first zombies map, but some functions don't work/map will stop working on dog rounds? Well, here is the rest that you need to know!


    First off, we are going to fix the zombie pathing, AKA, making them actually walk around the playable space. If you don't already have it open, open your launcher and Radiant, and open your map within Radiant. We are going to need to set down Pathnodes. What these are, is basically the nodes that are needed for the AI to know where to go, and where to not go. Right click on the grid and go to Node->Pathnode. It will spawn a tiny box (colored in pink) that can be placed wherever on your map. To copy these, select the pathnode and press Space. This will make a copy of the pathnode, and you can keep doing this until the map is "covered" with them. Make sure to space them out evenly, and not to put too many down! Here is an example on how spaced out they should be.
    Make sure your pathnodes are not inside the floor, perk machines, or any brushes, or else they will error out in the compiling process!

    Now that your zombies are able to move around the map, compile your map and make sure that they are working properly. compile your map and make sure that they are working properly. Now that the pathing is done, we can work on the dog spawns

    In order to get dogs to spawn, you need to do two things. First is adding the zombie_dog actor to your map and giving it some KVP's, and then adding script_structs to your map so they can spawn properly. First, right click on the grid and go to Actor->zombie_dog and give it these KVP's

    "script_string" "zombie_chaser"   //This gives the actor zombie_dog behavior
    "script_noteworthy" "zombie_dog_spawner"   //This marks it as a spawner, and not just an actor on the map
    "targetname" "zone_name_spawners_dog"   //This marks it as a zombie_dog spawner for your zone. Replace zone_name with the name of your zone
    "script_forcespawn" "1"   //Self-explanatory

    Also make sure that SPAWNER and FORCESPAWN are ticked if not already. Now to add the script_structs to your map so your dogs can spawn

    Right click your grid and go to Script->Struct. You only need one, but you can place as many as you like

    Now that it is on the map, make sure it is not in the floor, or high above it, and give it this KVP

    "targetname" "start_zone_spawners_dog"   //This marks the script_struct as a spawner

    Now dogs should spawn on your map. If they don't, make sure your KVP's are correct, and the zone name matches the KVP's you set

    Now, you are probably wondering why your zombies just spawn out of this air. This is due to there not being any script_structs marking them as risers. To add this, simply place a script_struct down and give it these KVP's

    "targetname" "zone_name_spawners_rise"   //This marks them as risers. Replace zone_name with your zone
    "script_noteworthy" "find_flesh"   //This will allow them to rise up out of the ground and target the player instead of staying still

    You also need to change your zombie actor to allow them to link to the riser script_structs. Add this KVP to your zombie actor

    "script_string" "riser"   //This will allow the actor to link to a riser struct

    Now you have zombies that will come out of the ground! Map should be good at this point, but there are a few things missing. I will make another reply to this thread with more information regarding perk placement, box placement, doors, additional zones, and more. Stay tuned ๐Ÿ‘€

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