IW5: Low spec config

  • Since people have been complaining about getting low fps/fps drops on Plutonium IW5 and I experienced it too, I quickly threw together a "low spec config"
    It runs with 160+ FPS constantly without FPS drops on my PC.
    My specs are :
    Intel i3 4150
    Intel HD 4400 (don't have a real graphicscard xd)
    8GB DDR3 RAM
    Now here's the config:
    You might need to change some settings such as sensitivity and controls. The graphic settings are probably the lowest possible at the moment but if anyone finds extra ways to lower the graphics even more please let me know :)
    Some more performance tweaks outside the config:
    -Don't use the Chrome browser while playing and make sure it's not running in the task manager. Chrome eats RAM and destroys performance. If you want to listen to music while playing I recommend you download that music.
    -Close Steam while playing Plutonium, it's not a huge increase in FPS but it can get you some.
    -Put the priority of Modern Warfare 3 to high in the task manager.
    -Disable hardware acceleration in Discord (suggested by Xerxes)

    That's it for now if I manage to find some more tweaks I'll edit this post.
    Enjoy playing Plutonium in the most potato way possible ;)

  • Project Moderator

    Disable the GPU acceleration of Discord, it introduces micro lags and unstable frame times even on my PC.

    Please tell me you left out all the shady stuff.

  • Don't know what kind of shady stuff you are talking about to be honest. I made Mw3 generate a whole new config and then I went through cg_ and r_ commands to find the most useful ones in terms of performance.

  • Project Moderator

    The lod stuff?

  • It's out now :)

  • Thanks @NLS , since the fullbright is banned here, your topic will help a lot of players (including me).

  • @NLS I get a bar like that showing the stress of the pc as I remove it (it appears next to the specialist)

  • @naruto25_ak47 it's a lagometer which I put in the config so you can tell if you're really experiencing fps drops or just lag spikes.
    You can disable it by writing "cg_drawLagometer 0" in the console.