[Feature][T6MP/T6ZM] Theater mode additions

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  • I am requesting some additions for theater mode to be added to T6. I find it difficult to find specific games recorded since my server produces about 20-30 demos a day.
    Having metadata that can be searched thru to find a specific game would be helpful for this purpose. A rough idea of what metadata I think would be useful to have would include the following:
    the Plutonium revision the demo was played on, the server host name or player host name, the gametype, the map, the players present at the end of the match, the length of the game, the games winner( MP and ZM ), the games final score for each team/player( ffa ), rounds survived( zombies ), location( zombies ), GSCs loaded, plugins loaded, and
    the date and time the game was played on.

    With this kind of data it would be easier to find specific games recorded, as well as have some utility for tracking down cheaters/griefers across multiple demos.

    Besides general metadata I would find it useful to have access to player metadata like the player stats at the end of the game for each player.

    In addition to some new features I would also like some current theater mode bugs to be fixed. Eg. Buried demos recorded on dedicated servers are always black and white in first person, and certain maps recorded on a dedicated server throw script errors such as Bus Depot.

    Finally, I would like any dvar to be usable during a demo. This would allow for disabling the gun draw, disabling fog, and changing timescale because it can stack with demo speed.

    For the completion of this bounty I am offering $150 paid via paypal.

  • I am willing to work on this sometime this week.

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