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  • VanillasTS Menu

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    The menu base creator is CMT Frosty

    Given the increase of users in this period I decided to make a small gift to the community. This menu is a very simple menu for a Vanilla Trickshot server. Everything is configurable through the cfg file. Just set the information in the cfg and everything will work properly.

    The menu is based on the CMT Frosty menu base. A very nice and very simple menu. Every code in the menu can be found online. You can find all these codes on the forums, including the Plutonium forum. Making a mod in GSC for Black ops II takes a few minutes. Practically everything can be found online. I built this menu to allow everyone to play a private game with friends without players bothering or ruining the games. In fact, a Trickshot Vanilla server doesn't add anything special to the server. By Vanilla I mean a slight modification of the original game. Nothing more nothing less. Super Wallbangs, flags and the ability to trickshot from 1000m will never be implemented on this menu, because in fact these fetures are not vanilla and make no sense to be implemented.

    VanillasTS Features

    The server is equipped with many of the basic features, and is also equipped with a system for the management of rank that does not imply the recompilation of the mod. In fact just edit the cfg to give or remove a rank.




    How to use it Tutorial

    The menu is very simple to configure in fact you'll just have to download the file vanillasts-compiled.gsc and put it in BlackOps2ServerFolder\t6r\data\maps\mp\gametypes\.
    After that you just have to add to your dedicated.cfg the following lines of code. If you want to modify it you can download the source code and do whatever you want with it.

    What to add to dedicated.cfg?

    Add these lines of code and you're done, you don't even need to recompile the code.

    //  DoktorSAS VanillasTS Trickshot Menu
    //  Twitter: @DoktorSAS
    //  Report any bugs under the right post on the forum
    // List of valid colors:                                      
    //    1. "red"                                                 
    //    2. "orange"                                            
    //    3. "yellow"                                              
    //    4. "purple"                                              
    //    5. "pink"                                                
    //    6. "cyan"                                                
    //    7. "blue"                                                 
    //    8. "light blue"                                     
    //    9. "green"                                                
    //    10. "light green"                                       
    //    11. "black"    
    //    12. "white"                                          
    set menu_color "cyan"
    //  To set a player rank just add the GUID of the players                                                                   
    //   in the right dvar, the remember to add a space                                 
    //    between each guid or it will not work                                                              
    // exemple -> set vips_list "GUID1 GUID2 GUID3" 
    set vips_list ""
    set admins_list ""
    set superadmins_list ""
    set owners_list ""
    set min_distance_to_hit 10 // Min distance in meters to hit a shot
    set low_barrier 1 // 1 for low barriers and 0 for now lower barriers
    set kills_for_last 5 // Kills needed to be at last, with 0 player will be set instant to last
    set ground_hit 0 // 1 to enable trickshot on ground, 0 to disable trickshot on ground

    Direct Download VanillasTS

    Press on this to download the VanillasTS

    Source Code VanillasTS

    Press on this to download the VanillasTS Source Code

    Suggestions or Bugs

    If you want anything added or if you find any bugs please write under this post. I'll fix all the bugs and if the proposed suggestions are valid I'll implement your suggestions too.

  • how do you get rid of god mode when u open the menu ?

  • This post is deleted!
  • @Sorex Add Meter Script ANTI KILL ON GROUND

  • @Jaay

    • Added Meters counter
    • Add enable and disable hit on ground
  • I am not sure if you asked CMT Frosty's permission to use his code, but anyway I edited your post and added a credits section. When using other peoples work it's important to give clear credit.

  • @H3X1C
    I gived Credits to him
    If you read the first part of the message you be redirect to the menu base video.
    As you can see from the images i did not removed Created by CMT Frosty.
    I never said I created it. I wrote that it is a menu based on CMT Frosty and made available for the Plutonium community. All the code inside comes from online source code. Within the source code are links that refer you to the sources.

  • Yep I know, just refer to my previous statement:

    When using other peoples work it's important to give clear credit.

  • @H3X1C
    Just for you i put the credits on the top
    I don't like give credits on the bottom of the post. I hope now is Clear

  • That is fine. Please don't take this as a personal attack which it is not but this is common curtesy / etiquette when using other peoples work especially if you didn't get permission. I hope you understand it's not as you put it just for you implying me. There is a terrible culture when it comes to cod mods of stealing other peoples work without permission and not crediting, on Plutonium we don't want this so it's best to set a good example by clearly labelling credit which you now have 🙂

    I appreciate your contribution and it looks good! However I don't appreciate the attitude I got from your responses. I will leave it there as I don't want to further derail this thread. Please contact me on the discord if you wish to discuss further.

  • @Sorex how do you open the menu

  • @Sorex so I figured out how to use the menu and everything but I had it working 1 game and now when I try to start my server it doesn’t work and the game thinks I’m a bot.

  • @Roachhh I tried changing the scripts a little but nothing happened

  • @Roachhh Look the video tutorial

  • @Sorex I did everything and it still won’t work still makes me unverified

  • @Sorex everyone is in godmode and I can’t do anything is the guid my in game name or what?

  • @Roachhh
    The guid is not your in game name. If you open the menu there GUID options who print you on bottom left the guid. Is the same of iw4m

  • @Sorex yes i have my guid and when i put it in the area im supposed to it doesnt let me open the menu in my server only custom games.

  • @Sorex how did you get dedicated.cfg? i dont have it

  • can you get vip in this yourself? ive tried putting my guid in the dedicated config and i still cant get vip

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