Fullscreen refresh rate issue

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  • Hello Plutonium users. Recently I wanted to get back into T6, but I noticed something. My frames were above 60, but it looked to be only 30. I went into the settings to enabled V-Sync and just as I thought, my refresh rate is stuck at 30. I went into windowed mode, and my refresh rate returned to 60. How can I fix this? Is there a command that allows you to change your refresh rate? It isn't my monitor, I've already checked. I ran this game before at 60hz, so I have no idea what happened. I tried deleting the config file, but it did not do anything...any ideas?20210420090533_1.jpg

  • @Number1S0n Specs? Laptop / Desktop? OS?

  • My specs shouldn't matter, I ran this game perfectly before and nothing has changed besides me getting a new monitor. But, to the other 2 questions, a bad laptop, and Windows.

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