Why a T5 (Black Ops) client would be viable.

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  • they are already aware that we all want t5 but it seems that they just don’t want to do another client.
    Rekt5 is here and it is dead i agree with you but they don’t want to understand i guess
    Im pretty sad about that because it’s a war that they always win with the same answer: « there is already a client »
    Yeah there is a client but
    -it doesn’t have the same popularity
    -the community is dead
    -there is a really short amount of server

    they say to revive it we just have to play but no one want to play on empty servers waiting a full day another player to play with
    no one want to wait on the lobby on zombie 10mn to find the guy that is afk

    Pluto you can save it with your community
    if we keep asking that’s for a reason
    we wanna play and enjoy this wonderful game TOGETHER not in solo game or bot game

    thanks i wish you will hear our prayers

  • @Azalait The thing u say about ''they dont want to understand'' so they just dont want to make another project if its already out somewhere it would prob be a copyright of the cracked One and People prob wouldnt Play the game much either

  • It takes time to coding

  • @iAmKappy very reasonable and acceptable

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