I have a problem with my sens

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  • I'm new on Plutonium, I came to play and enjoy T6 but here comes the big deal when you play other shooters: The mouse sensitivity.
    Is not hard to reach my actual common eDPI and cms each 360, but my problem is with the hipfire.
    When I ADS everything is okay, I can flick and track without more problems than my own skill; But when I'm on hipfire the sens feels weird.
    I tested it and I can tell that there is a multiplier of the sens based on the velocity? When I flick with Hipfire 3 cms the camera goes diferent distances. I can do a 360 with an 1cms travel if I move my mouse fast when according to my sens it might take at least 10/15 cms to do a 360 on hipfire. Where I can turn this "Velocity multiplier" to 1:1 scale? The spinout is messing up my muscle memory, thank you all!

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