too many wall hackers map hackers

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  • hi dear plutonium admins
    im just new in mw3 and i am old gamer
    i see many many wall hackers almost pros use it
    the just pre aim and wait for your arrive even u are not walking or no radar uiv they just see every thing i can proof with many videos if you want but the problem is that because of this cheaters game will not be playable and one of the pros snowwy confirmed using these map hacks there are other ati cheat clinets they check game directory if it is clear or patched(like map hack)
    i would be very happy if u could prevent them maybe they are already banned and they use vpn
    i know u will ignore but this is very very big problem making game not funny they only camp and kill from behind
    you must check what esle programs they use or when launching call of duty only you can play call of duty when there is no other program or not abling to alt tab so no opening cheating i also used to play warcraft 3 with atinad clinet they had great anti cheat you can ask them how they does thank you and who denys there is no cheater he is part of cheater

  • Plutonium has one of the best and most powerful anti-cheat on the planet. Help the Staff by posting prove to make the anti-cheat even better.

  • Do note that majority of them are soundwhoring and are just sweats. "i can proof with many videos" - show us the proof please. We don't claim our anticheat to be 100% perfect but it does detect and ban majority of them except maybe a very small fraction.

    "maybe they are already banned and they use vpn" - the anticheat doesn't work like that mate, its a lot more complex than that and those who try to evade it with a VPN get banned as well :). Read our anticheat stats for the past year here

  • @HannesC link text
    here is video i uploaded it is a player which sees behind wall and pre aims and cheaters them selves say they are cheater
    why admins are ignoring? its only 2 game video record u can watch him any time you want from day to night
    thats why no one plays this awsome game
    and its shame that u claim u have anti cheat
    if game is cracked it can be hacked easly
    you just can`t avoid it accept it

  • @skate7board I can hardly see anything in your video since you didn't properly record your screen, and what little I did see simply showed the user spotting you (or sometimes checking a common route) and then engaging you; I don't see why you think he is cheating.

  • im an old school i only play zombies less reactions needed lol....but i did play mp once last week and some guy was wall hacking....i know the game very well some spots are known for wall banging but this one guy got me 6 times in different places on the map the weirdest walls give him away...i didnt report or get the name i just quit the match mad.

  • @ii-MeRK-Zz yes they are few players they also say they use it but admins dont care about this big issue which no one plays there are many players like cobatine vionzz i dont belive mw3 has anti cheat like every other games admins ignore it its so sad u can`t even avoid it u should avoid it no one will play u will get 0 donation people will get angry no one will play i can take videos day and night they wait for your arrive behind wall shame on admins have fun all bb

  • Nothing wrong in the video, just someone decent getting easy kills.

  • ^this. I don't see any obvious cheats in that video either. We take every cheater report seriously but most of them just show people being good at the game.

  • @DXontheradio because allmost all of remaining players are cheaters like u 90% of them thats why u are lying
    so why there is a report cheater command in lobby
    its not skill bro its wall hack u see location and kill skill will not be in plutonium every one says there are cheaters in it look at player numbers maximum 30 why because of these cheaters i know admin can do nothing about it but u must accept truth i can film this players game day and night u will see he chase players and behind kill them thats not skill why u are lying
    u can just simply check if game directory is clean or patched or any patched software if it is being that is what skill means not ignoring wall hackers

  • Tried to hold myself from writing this as long as I could, but couldn't anymore. We're not lying, you're shit at the game. The other players killing you have been playing this game since it came out/for years hence why they know the basic spawns or pathways which are the most common or common camping spots - hence why they preaim and stay cautious while rushing (especially in HC). Another thing is get a headset (not speakers, but headphones) and you can see for yourself how loud you can hear enemy's footsteps when they're around you. Even having dead silence as a perk still generates loud enough footsteps for a decent player to have a general idea of your exact location.

    We take player reports seriously but the clips you shared doesn't have anything suspicious in them.

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