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  • Hey there, I am late for the game as usual. Been playing a lot of CoD mobile. But I have never tried the OG COD for the life of me. Now that I have experienced what I have missed from my early days of youth, I can say that I like to play more with bots rather than playing with human competitively. I got some suggestions that maybe the devs could implement in the next update :

    • Bring back progression system for weapon and the ability to save it. I like to grind playing solo with bots, I don't play online most of the time because of I am in Asia and no server has ping lower than 200ms for me at the moment. So if I can get weapon progression, I would surely be happy because all I want to do is grind to unlock and progress. I really do not want to use the unlockall command because it takes out the fun, seriously.
    • The launcher does not start without an internet connection. You need to sign in to the Plutonium account prior starting the game. I mean, sometimes its raining thunder at home and you need to turn off the wifi router, or you could just be on an airplane where you don't have any internet connection whatsoever. Can we have some offline mode specifically for people like me who does not like to shoot other people in the head and just play casually with bots (the bots in TF6 are really hard and better than the bots in CoD mobile).

    Forgive my English, not a native speaker. Until then, I am happy & grateful to the fact that the Plutonium team has developed a way for me to play this game. Stay safe ~

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