Changing FOV

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  • Hi there, I just wanted to ask if there's a sound way to change my FOV in IW5?

    On normal steam MW3 I use Lindras FPS & FOV unlocker/changer and it doesnt work when I have it open for IW5 so i'm just wondering if there's another way to change my FOV because console FOV aint gonna cut it. I'd rather sit in steam mw3 matchmaking for an hour and play in EU lobbies.

  • You can use cg_fovScale in the console to change your FOV instead of cg_fov, it will change your ADS FOV as well. However your cg_fovScale might reset back to 1 after restarting/closing and opening the game, I think that's a bug currently.

  • Saving will be fixed next update

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