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  • Why is plutonium so heavy ? The admins cant do nothing to help low spec players ? my bo2 on steam runs pretty good but in plutonium i cant even load 1 map bruh everytime i join a game the loading screen frezes and minutes later i get disconnected from the BO2 servers

    I have a i3 6006u, Intel Graphics 520 and 4gb ram (in steam runs smooth)

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  • Relative to what you define as "smooth". igpu's were never meant for gaming, you can't enjoy it at 20 fps either but whatever. A quick google search shows you do not meet the minimum requirements to run the game (in terms of GPU) - so not really a Plutonium issue. Upgrade your hardware.

    Also you not being able to load a map within 90 secs means your HDD is too slow. You could try defragmenting your current hdd or buying a new ssd/hdd.

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