click green play button and black box pops up with white blinking underscore and doesnt open just sits there and blinks plz help

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  • I'm having troubles where I did everything I'm supposed to I put all the files in the right spot at steam steamapps common and call of duty. but every single time I get to the green play button I click on it and it brings up a black box and the white blinking underscore just keeps blinking it closes the page that the green play button was on and the black box just sits there while the white underscore just blinks that's all it does doesn't load doesn't tell me what I did wrong tells me nothing now I have no idea where to start or what to do. I've done everything deleted redownload idk how many times I've tried like 4 of the solutions nothing works I deleted my mw3 tekno gods because I thought this was gonna be easy to download and now I don't have anything mw3 but I really wanna play plutonium been a fan of mw3 for 15 years it feels like know its making a come back warms my heart but it sucks that I cant play it. it was such a easy download I don't know why its not working.. I have a windows 10 I don't think that will make a different. plz help me plz. @H3X1C

  • never mind I figured it out after deleting a bunch of stuff in control panel finally after 4 days and like 20 hours put into it it finally started up./ to people that click the play button and the black box pops up but all it does is have the white underscore blink and doesn't tell u if somethings wrong or not just doesn't load just sits there . what I did was go to control panel then uninstall programs and just went threw and looked at shtuff I didn't need. and then it downloaded,only thing I could think of is that it was quick driver updater cause that's the only thing that popped up on google saying how to uninstall\ virus. so im assuming that's what did it for me but I did deleted like 8 things so im not so sure on what caused it to finally work but if any of you guys are stuck on this screen and need some help just lmk sense I didn't get any help from the people on this site i had a youtuber message me day and night for almost 4 nights trying to figurre this stuff out. so i want to pay forward and help people that are having the same problem as me so you guys don't have to go threw the same bs as me. and shoutout to the youtuber that literally works all day and still helped me for hours. till i figured it out check him out o'visuals

  • I am glad you resolved your issue. It seems you had something on your PC which was interfering with Plutonium. We have to have this safeguard in place to prevent cheating. We hope you understand and enjoy our client!

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