Strange FPS Dips in Zombies

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  • Hey guys, so I'm really excited to play BO2 Zombies, but I'm having a really weird performance issue. I have a fairly powerful system, in multiplayer and about half the time in zombies I get around 150-300 FPS. But, in Zombies, after a while I'll start getting a bunch of dips, where the FPS goes down to some much lower number, usually around 47-59 fps, and it'll stay there for about 10 seconds, before going back to normal good performance for 10 seconds, and then back again. I've been trying everything to get it to work, but nothing has stopped it so far. I'll go over a list of my attempted fixes.

    • I have a Dual GPU laptop, so I've made sure everything related to BO2 is running on my dedicated GPU (RTX 2060).

    • I went through and did everything recommended in the pinned 'Low FPS? Read this' thread on this part of the forum.

    • I've tried switching between Windowed Fullscreen & Fullscreen, but neither fixed the problem.

    • V-Sync is disabled and framerate is set to unlimited.

    I'm sorry to come crying for help, but I cannot figure out for the life of me what is making the framerate dip, and it's significant enough that it's affecting how enjoyable the game is. If anyone has figured out a solution, would you mind giving me yours? I would really appreciate it, and thank you! Sorry again for needing help!

    (Note that I just thought of: This may not be helpful, but when the game is running well, the framerate fluctuates between that 150-300 FPS really quickly, usually not all the way from 150 to 300 or vice versa, more like 250-300 or changes like that, but still it varies by about 50fps constantly when it's running well, but when the FPS dips, it is much more consistent, like if it were to dip to 47 FPS, it would stay that way with only occasional changes of 1 or 2 FPS. I know that may just be since the FPS is so much higher when it's running well that it will vary more, and it may not be useful information, but I figured I would say it here.)

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