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  • '' Buy the game '' literally the game costs 60 usd, I bought it and it sucks to play just because the servers are dead, it would be incredible if they put it in plutonium so that it can play with friends who do not have 60 usd to buy it, it is not Staff problem, but if you already did the same with several cod games, I don't see why you shouldn't do the same with bo3. It has a good content of mods in the workshop but I am sure that there will be few who will play without the need for that I think everyone wants to play zombies

  • @jocrmn Making a client for BO3 is a surefire way to get the entire Plutonium project shut down by Activision. I highly doubt anyone wants to see that.

    The argument of "Buy the game" is absolutely valid for BO3 because the game is still in a playable state with almost full functionality that a custom client would bring. (Custom maps, dedicated servers, mod support, etc.)

    Since all of those already exist in BO3 Steam, there's genuinely no reason for Plutonium BO3 to exist.

    If you cannot afford the $60 to purchase the game, you can look at other third-party websites that sell games for cheaper (G2A for example) to try to find the game for under $60.

    If you cannot afford from a third-party site, then maybe you should just be playing other games that aren't as expensive.

    Games are a privilege, not a right.

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