Future Plutonium Projects, or some ideas

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  • Ok, here's some ideas I think could work.

    • Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Classic)
      This game can be modded a bit, and on PC right now has the problem of unstable, old, 2005 servers.

    • NBA 2K
      2K might lack interest from some, but this is a moddable game, and it solves the problem of 2K shutting down a games servers after 2 years, (e.g, 2K19 released November 2018, closed December 31st, 2020) but the problem with 2K is the 2K to revive. 2K16 is easily the best, but it lacks mod support. 17 had a great park but same problem as 16. 18 was an awful game in general, 19 was a good game, and had mod support, and 20 was 19 but worse, with more mod support. (20 would be a problem until 2022, when servers dir)

    • CoD: BO3 and CoDs onwards
      THIS IS A PITCH FOR YEARS FROM NOW, ATVI SUPPORT Similar reasons to create it as BO2 and MW3. Avoid modders, keep the game alive. MTX could be solved too. (Make all weapons available from the start or all level awards)

    • Titanfall 1 or Battlefield
      I'd love it, but EA would hate it if you touched any Battlefield newer than 3. TF1 and BF3 launch through Origin, and both can be glitched messes because of it.

    • BO1
      Yes, rektt5, and yes it's abandoned. But the game has mod support, similar to WaW, (although unfinished for the base game) BO1 we don't need as much because of it's server browser on Steam, so although it would be much appreciated, it's unlikely.

  • @DrinkUrPotatoes plutonium it's just focused on call of duty.

    Star Wars Battlefront 2, NBA 2K, Titanfall, and Battlefield are discarded by default

  • @DrinkUrPotatoes you're right, sorry

  • @GibuZ When has that ever been stated by any Plutonium admins? Just because there are only cod clients currently on the platform doesn't mean there can only be cod clients on the platform.

    The admins will work on whatever games they enjoy playing or would enjoy working on.

  • @DrinkUrPotatoes I'm not one of the admins so I don't decide on what games they will ultimately support.

    However, the thing about games is that everyone will have a different opinion on what constitutes a game worth making a client for. The issue is the developers only have so much time to work on the clients currently supported since this is ultimately a hobby project. I'm sure the admins will see this post and likely weigh the pros and cons of making a client for any of these games.

  • 2k16 and/or 17 would be a dream come true

  • It's easy to sit and fantasize about game x and game y, but you don't realize how much time and effort each and every one of our games take. Our team has immense experience with the cod engine, but it still took well over 3 months to finish and release WaW. It's not that we wouldn't want to support loads of games, but for every game we add, we also add significantly more overhead in terms of testing, bug fixing and other maintenance etc. Therefore it isn't feasible for us to "just add game x", especially right now since we're working hard on some very cool features for our current games.

    As for BO3 specifically, it's extremely unlikely to ever happen seeing how popular it is on Steam still, and we would never risk the entire project for it.

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