Is Plutonium related to iw4x?

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  • Is it related to iw4x at all. Do they have any of the same members?

  • Hey! The answer is somewhat.

    They are two seperate projects. However some Plutonium staff members are also staff members for Xlabs (The people that make iw4x) and vice versa. Not all Plutonium staff are Xlabs staff and not all Xlabs staff are Plutonium staff.

    In terms of rules, features, code, servers, websites and everything else - we are seperate, so there is no use coming to Plutonium to complain about an Xlabs ban for example. Plutonium has no issues with it's staff members being part of other groups or projects - we are a hobby project at the end of the day.

    We do ofcourse have good friendships between staff members in both Teams. We respect each others work. We play games together.

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