Add weapons from other maps.

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  • Is it possible to add weapons from other maps, like sliquifier from Die Rise to TranZit?
    I started out by looking at "_zm_weap_slipgun.gsc" and seeing if I could add that file to a zombies folder and include it in the "zm_transit.gsc", but the game always crashed in the loading screen.
    If this can be done, can anyone help?
    Appreciated in advance.

  • short and easy summary: no, it is not possible.

    this can be achieved but in the current state of Plutonium, you can't bring a map-specific weapon to another map. this is because the weapon is only loaded and actually existing when the map loads the fastfile (1 or more files which contains the invidiual files for the maps, such as the weapons)

    and, alongside a map loading a fastfile, a fastfile is something you can't easily get into. you have to use tools to even see assets it contains. so, you would most likely need to force load the die rise fastfiles or you would need to extract the files for the squilifier, and load a custom fastfile (which isn't a thing in Plutonium, or not to the public at least)

  • Oh I see now, ok that makes. Thank you for clearing it up and enlightening me about the fastfiles, I had no clue that that's how they kept specific assets to certain maps.

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