Can't join server

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  • Hello,this problem sometimes happens,not all the time,but today it's one of those bad times....
    Problem is shown in screenshot,simple as that,on some servers with mods it just stuck there ,that loading bar ,or what it could be called ...That on picture is Sanatorium ,but i played it yesterday ,and day before,and day before that,np.Today i can't join ,i also can't join some other mod maps ,same problem,loading bar just stuck near end and that's it ,if i wait enough,which i btw don't have pattience ,sometimes it say server disconected ,idk wtf that mean.

  • It's something to do,i think ,about players on server,if there is 3 out of 4 player ,i can't join ,or very rare ,or idk what else could it be.....

  • No ,players number doesn't matter ,now with 1 or 2 player on server i get this picture,with 3 player i got all black screen after loading bar.Why i can't join fucking server ????.

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