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  • Whenever i die in campaign, the session crashes and goes back to the main menu and says "CL_CGameNeedsAServerCommand" or "CL_CGameNeedsServerCommands" one of these 2 errors. Any fixes?

  • It always does that Crap, It's a Bug I am sure the Plutonium staff will fix soon, in the meantime, just try to Go and make a private match in the Cooperative Option in the menu and pick your Mission and all, don't also Forget to Turn off the Competitive Scoring for Extra Immersion if you want to.
    Now once you've got everything Set up and you got the Mission and everything you want in your "Private Server" you press the Command Button on the Keyboard Mines is ~ or ` whichever and then type exactly this in without spaces "xpartygo" then just press enter and you should be able to play normally ๐Ÿ™‚

  • so i just do that and it will just do what the original game campaign does?

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